The joy of learning and teaching are fundamental to garden club activities. Programs explore new ideas or sharpen skills for the garden and the home. Members learn from each other as they work together on community projects or simply compare personal experiences.

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts sponsors schools with courses in environmental studies, landscape design, and other topics. For further information on Federation educational opportunities, visit the Education pages at the Federation's website.

Special garden club activities involve programs in Topsfield's schools such as Arbor Day celebrations and the annual Agricultural Heritage Program for Proctor School's fifth grade where students receive tomato plants and sunflower seeds to grow in their own gardens.

Watch the website for periodic gardening newsletters and helpful information.


Feature of the Month

Water Conservation is a high priority for our communities. Xeriscaping is a water-conservation approach to landscaping. Xeriscaping emphasizes using drought-tolerant plants and plants native to the area. The Ipswich River Watershed Association and the Topsfield Water Department encourage gardeners to explore the many opportunities xeriscaping offers. For more information on the benefits and principles of xeriscaping, visit the Earth-Easy website.







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